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About me

In previous years he worked in the retail sector since he graduated from the Faculty of Economics, majoring in management, when he discovered a creative and imaginative world of web designing.

Today, he is someone who can help you in creating the perfect website according to your needs and requirements.

Experience that he had gained through the years in a dynamic and rapidly changing retail market, he implemented in every segment of his work in a bid to meet the demands of his clients in the best possible way.

Responsible. Creative. Committed .

In his spare time you can find him playing a guitar with friends from the band, as he used to create original music, he recorded (an album, made two music videos Sniff ; Krug) played on EXIT festival …)

Also, you’ll often see him deep in his thoughts while reading a book as it is a passionate lover of reading books as he is passionate about books.



Projekat TDF

Website rađen za dizajnersku kuću Taste of difference - TDF

Marko'S bike shop

Projekat Marko's bike shop

Projekat rađen za klijenta u okviru Krojačeve škole web dizajna


Projekat Wish

Mockup redizajna Word Press sajta web portala


Projekat Markova destilerija

Mockup dizajna website-a rađen za proizvođača vrhunskih rakija Markova Destilerija


Projekat Stanzadan

Mockup dizajna website-a rađen za agenciju za izdavanje stanova na dan


Projekat LemonChilli

Website u izradi za splav/restoran Lemon Chilli

info Lemon Chilli facebook page

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